the during.

this might be the most turbulent part of my journey. everything was painful, confusing, scary. it was during this part of my journey where i realized that resources and information about my condition(s) were scarce. it was during this period of my journey that i learned the most about myself.

i hope that this reaches those individuals who are confused, scared, lost and lonely. i hope that someone reads this and knows they are not alone and that there are others standing alongside them.

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul alike.”

John Muir

is this the flu?

the before.

as it turns out

as it turns out, everything changes. what i’ve realized is, you don’t know you’re asleep until you wake up, just as you don’t know things are changing until they’ve already changed. change is hard. life is hard. even as i write this, i’m struggling with my own sense of self and coming to terms with…

the start of something

i’m the youngest child to the youngest child. neither mothers wanted another youngest child. life had other plans for both of them. this is how my life started. i grew up with so little that saying i had the ‘clothes on my back’ is often overstated. the life we had on that dirt road so…

this brain.

meningitis changes everything. about a year ago, i got this cough. this cough turned into the worst flu-like symptoms i’ve ever had. that turned into a fever i couldn’t control. all of this turned into meningitis. for folks that don’t know what meningitis is, i’ve posted some links with insanely good information and articles. i’m…

follow my trail. find more.

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