don’t be afraid or too proud to ask for it. here are a few resources to get you started on your journey.

the informational

looking for different resources, information and maybe some encouraging videos? What about alternative therapies or techniques? This page contains podcasts, meditations, techniques and some of my favorite videos.

even if you’re not into the ‘weird hippy shit‘ as my family calls it, you’ll still enjoy this page.

the support needs

support comes in all shapes and sizes and if i’ve learned anything this past year, it’s critical to healing.

if you’re having a hard time finding solid support either as a caregiver or as a patient, see what i’ve found to be helpful on here.

if you need help navigating a new diagnosis or understanding what different terms mean or even just looking for better information, we have you.

the medical personnel

this page is solely dedicated to different medical groups, physicians and research institutions around the country. i really had a challenge finding quality care that treated the whole person and not just my conditions.

this page will allow readers and followers to share their recommendations. providers listed will come from you. not from your insurance company.

what works

every single one of us is different – we have different circumstances and situations. these will often drive our needs and wants.

my situation, who i am, what i needed: i’ve created a trail of those here. i hope that in some small way, this might help others along their journey.

i’m imperfect. i struggle and i get lost along my journey. but, i’ve also found some really incredible and valuable information along the way.

how you can help

want to see change and impact future treatments

i’ve listed out some resources and charities that are doing the work and actively promoting change in our communities.

throughout your own journey, you’ve met and found success. tell us. contact us.

what it’s like

this is dedicated to everyone who has ever struggled with a brain injury or disease.

i want to tell others what it’s like to be you. to be me. to be us. this – this is how we educate others. by educating others, we promote change. by promoting change, we improve our worlds.

help me improve our worlds and the worlds of everyone impacted by neurological impairments.

this is designed to feature others like me – tell their story so that others might not feel alone, feel lost or feel scared.

stand with me.

embrace our friends, neighbors, communities and ourselves. follow my brain’s journey to see how i’m seeking the best for not just myself but for you. you’re ok. i promise.

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