what is a brain’s journey?

the journey:

each one of us has a journey. a story. and i believe that these journeys each have a before, during and after. here, you’ll find my journey. you’ll find the informative, the confusing, the comical and the ‘behind closed doors’. you’ll find the things that made up my journey, uncut and unedited.

but – you’ll also find me. behind the text, behind the brain, behind the illness, i’m still me. and for all of the others who have had a similar experience, i want you to know: you’re still you. and no matter what. it’s going to be ok.

hi. a year ago, i had meningitis and it turned my world upside down. i’m here to share my journey of before. during. after.

i’m here to tell you that as shitty as it all was and still is, i’m still me.

i’ve tried to fill these pages with information, humor, resources and inspiration. i hope that one day, when your after begins, you’re able to help others in a way that makes sense to you and your journey. until that time comes though, i hope that these pages give you something you’ve searched for. be well.

how it started

doctors. it started with doctors. that’s where you go when you don’t feel well, right? what happens when doctors miss something? what happens when you don’t get better? doctors, like me, are only human.

but, let’s go back to the real before. the life before the doctors. let’s go back to pre-meningitis. without any impairments. before all of the things that make us adults.

what is it

here are some helpful videos to explain what meningitis is, how it’s contracted and how it’s treated.

the journey isn’t easy. but you don’t have to go it alone.

not everything is black and white


one of the hardest things i’ve found, struggled with and tried to overcome is finding resources within my community – ones that are designed to help people like me.

are you struggling with this too?


good doctors. good hospitals. good insurance. good caregivers. good networks. good therapists. good – good – good? i realized that finding a better than 3 star rated physician or network of doctors was up to me.

how many others struggle with this same issue.


in this era, information is widely available but how much reliable information is available about your illness, injury and long-term prognosis? it’s scattered, all over and in-between.

do you struggle to find this information too?

no matter what


laugh as much as you can. and when you do, do it with everything you have.

when it hurts, when you’re tired, when it’s awful. laugh.

do it anyway.

look, this isn’t easy. life, healing, getting out of bed. none of it. it’s all hard. but, do it anyway. you are the avenue for your own success and your own progress. not doctors. not therapists. you.

do it anyway.


it’s ok. you. you are ok. even if it isn’t ok, it doesn’t feel ok and everything is terrible – you are ok.

take a deep breath. remember to let the breath out. you are ok.

find someone. find someone to listen to you. i should have done it sooner but i didn’t. get a therapist, a doctor or someone else trained to help you through what’s happening. your brain is changing and you need a sounding board. find someone.


while this is a blog, it’s also a resource center. i struggled alone to improve and find resources. others shouldn’t have to do the same. so, i want to create a collaborative space where they can find information, resources and tools for their future. if you have recommendations or information, contact us so we can research, publish and inform.

if you’re a provider, care giver or researcher interested in providing information or assistance to those in need or impacted by brain injuries, strokes, meningitis or other neurological infections or disease, contact us. we’d love to speak with you.

remember, i’m not a medical professional. i’m just a human. with a brain. that’s still the same me.