finding what you need should be easy.

community (n): a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.

find family.

here, you’ll find the people who have traveled the same roads as you. you’ll find the people who have felt the same pain as you. you’ll find people who know what your journey is made of.

you’ll find yourself in others and others will find themselves in you. we are your sisters, brothers, friends, loved ones. we see you.

come as you are and i promise – you’re ok.

find providers

finding a provider that meets your needs shouldn’t be hard. doctors. hospitals. research. hospitals. therapists. psychologists. find them here.

the best news? they’re recommended by your community. they’re recommended by your people.

find yourself. enjoy the journey.

when my life changed, my journey did not end. even as much as everything changed and as hard as it was, it did not end.

when my life changed, a new journey began.

here, find adventure. find fun. find yourself. enjoy the journey.

behind the scenes

there’s more than websites, photos and entries. there’s a person recovering from a brain infection. that person is me. and i want nothing more than to help others and improve life experiences. learn about me here.

if you haven’t been told this yet:

you’re doing great. you still matter. i know it sucks. you’re ok.

need to reach us? want to tell us your journey?