welcome to

one brain’s journey

the journey i’m on is not done. but the journey i’m on is changed.

this. this is my brain’s journey and i’m glad you’re here.

tell me your story.

tell me how your brain is healing. tell your story. tell others so others may learn. tell others so others may feel connected. tell me your story.

follow the journey here

the start of something

i’m the youngest child to the youngest child. neither mothers wanted another youngest child. life had other plans for both of them. this is how my life started. i grew up with so little that saying i had the ‘clothes on my back’ is often overstated. the life we had on that dirt road soContinue reading “the start of something”

this brain.

meningitis changes everything. about a year ago, i got this cough. this cough turned into the worst flu-like symptoms i’ve ever had. that turned into a fever i couldn’t control. all of this turned into meningitis. for folks that don’t know what meningitis is, i’ve posted some links with insanely good information and articles. i’mContinue reading “this brain.”

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