this brain.

meningitis changes everything.

about a year ago, i got this cough. this cough turned into the worst flu-like symptoms i’ve ever had. that turned into a fever i couldn’t control. all of this turned into meningitis. for folks that don’t know what meningitis is, i’ve posted some links with insanely good information and articles.

i’m often heard telling people that i used to be normal. i didn’t used to be like this. that not that long ago, this wasn’t me. this, this wasn’t my path and wasn’t my journey. have you ever felt that way? that you’re just on the wrong path or the wrong ride and that somehow things have gotten mixed up. and that the rest of the world, they just don’t understand? a friend of mine once said to me:

“your identity changed overnight. you had to adapt to so much and figure out how to operate in a world that wasn’t designed to help you out.”

for the first time since everything happened, i felt like another human understood what it was that i felt inside. the anger, the frustration, the hurt – it was all because everything just changed. i was no longer able to be the person from ‘before’ but i was still expected to be the same. knowing that the world we live in isn’t designed for people who have disabilities or differences because it’s designed for people who are perfect. and why?

so, i decided i didn’t want to be mad. i don’t want to miss who i used to be. i want to understand. i want to look forward to what i can do now and not what i can’t. because being angry is really hard. it’s really exhausting. and i just don’t enjoy it.

so, i’m going to spend time understanding how to live with what’s wrong with me. understand how it happened. understand all of my journey that created the person and not just this brain. understand how others are also struggling. understand how i can help them and help ease the struggle of their journey.

because as identities change and the rest of the world fails to embrace that change, understanding how to operate is necessary.

you’ll find more about my journey, my disabilities and what i’m doing now in future posts. for now, be well. laugh as often as you can.

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