laugh. just a little.

laughter has changed how i feel. about myself. about others. about everything.

laughter – it has changed me.

so. if the day comes when you cannot find a reason to laugh, i hope you will call me.

if today is that day, i’m glad you’re here.

i often think of my life before. before all of these changes and before my life moved on without me. life before was work, meetings, travel, blank faces in a crowd and empty feelings in my bed.

that life before never filled my heart with an emotion that kept me alive through a night of sweating down the barrel and believe me, that life, it never fulfilled me and never gave me laughter.

today, i laugh to feel alive and to feel inspired and to be a part of the journey in my own life.

i laugh to remind myself that i am still here and that despite all of the things that happened, i can laugh and feel inspired.

when i felt like my journey was interrupted and i felt lost, laughter found me. and i felt better.

the better i felt, the more i laughed. this cycle continues today and i can be heard laughing even when others want to quit. my laughter inspires others. my laughter fills my belly and encourages me to be more.

because puppies + babies make everyone smile. unless you’re a monster.