the informational

come here to listen. watch. learn.

look. i don’t have all the answers. i don’t know the final result and i sure don’t keep score. i know only what my brain has experienced. what i hope is that throughout this site, through these pages, you find a piece of what you need.

through this period of recovery, i’ve met so many new people. some of these people have encouraged me to think beyond the shadow of what i know and have known to be my sense of self all of my life. for that and for these people, i’m forever grateful. one of these such people told me:

“your trail is changing. and change is a good thing.”


so, while it might not always feel like it, the change you feel, it’s ok. because, sometimes the view changes but it doesn’t change how beautiful the mountains are. it’s just a different view. keep climbing. each step is a chance to change your perspective. that change is a chance to change who you are and how you feel. i look forward to your journey.

enjoy the view

videos we found helpful in overcoming obstacles.


just breathe.

mental health is critical to healing your brain. i asked some of my ‘mentally astute’ friends for these recommendations.

mental health

more helpful pages, videos, blogs, resources.